Restoring a Windows 8 hard drive image to a RAID 0 failed

Just want to let everyone know that if you plan on restoring an image of Windows 8 taken on a hard drive and you want to restore it to a RAID array (I tested with Stripe, RAID0) you will encounter problems when booting. In my case the image was taken from an SSD Samsung 830 and restored to a RAID0 array made by two Samsung 840 SSDs. Don’t have any explanation and instead of searching for a solution I installed everything from scratch. ¬†Strangely enough the RAID array can be accessed without any problem by Windows 8, the partitions are all there but the problem happens during the boot, a strange Windows error with a smiley, something similar to the attachment. I used Macrium Reflect for imaging and restoring.

Plan it in case you want to do it, you might have the same problem!



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